Course curriculum

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    • Welcome to MDCT Learning Academy

    • Learning Outcomes

  • 2

    Clinical Indication for CTPA

    • Clinical Indication for CTA

  • 3

    Imaging Pathways

    • Imaging Pathways

  • 4

    Sensitivity and Specificity for CTPA

    • Sensitivity and Specificity for CTPA

  • 5

    Patient Preparation and Positioning

    • Patient Preparation and Positioning

  • 6

    Breathing Techniques

    • Breathing Techniques in CTPA

  • 7

    Contrast Media Delivery Stratergies

    • Contrast Media Delivery Stratergies

  • 8

    Scanner Protocol Stratergies

    • Scanner Protocol and Stratergies

  • 9

    Image Critique

    • Image Critique

  • 10

    Imaging Patterns and Pathology Detection

    • Imaging Patterns and Pathology Detection


Professor of Medical Imaging

Charbel Saade

Professor Charbel Saade graduated from the University of Sydney in radiography, Masters in CT and MRI, and a PhD in contrast media delivery. Charbel is currently working as the manager for clinical applications and education for Asia Pacific in Guerbet. He is a frequent lecturer in international congresses like RSNA, ECR and Arab Health. Charbel has co-authored more than 100 original papers with more than 80 abstracts presented. Charbel has a strong clinical background in the field of X-ray, CT and MRI. Charbel is also an Adjunct Professor of Medical Imaging at the university of Canberra, Australia as well as editor in chief in the international journal of medical imaging and editorial board member at the Journal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences. Charbel is the owner and convener of and has been teaching radiographers for more than 20 years with the latest tips and tricks to reduce contrast media administration and radiation dose whilst maintaining image quality in CT and MRI. Charbel has a particular focus on education by changing radiology "one image at a time". With more than 19 conferences over 10 years and more than 13000 participants to date, conferences are still expanding to share Charbel’s knowledge to all. Charbel is heavily supported by the industry as an independent Medical Imaging Expert who believes the truth lies in the patient by delivering quality imaging the first time, every time!